Insure your domestic servants, helpers, drivers, cleaners, maid, cooks etc with a 2 Year Coverage with a ONE TIME Premium payment.

Simple 3 Step process

  • Fill the form online with details about your domestic helper and yourself.
  • Review the online proposal form & make payment online safely and securely.
  • Get policy and all other documents including medical card delivered on WhatsApp and email immediately.


  • Inpatient benefits up to OMR 4,000.
  • Outpatient benefits up to OMR 500.
  • Repatriation Expenses up to OMR 1,000.
Basic Covers
In-Patient Treatment
1. Admission or treatment (day care ) for diagnosis or treatment or surgery procedure maximum of 30 days per time
Maximum limit for inpatient, for domestic workers during policy period OMR 4,000
2. Hospital accommodation /Room rent charges (public room accommodation except for cases requiring isolation)
3. Intensive care unit charges /fees
4. Consultants/physicians /medics and paramedics
5. Diagnostics/radiology/imaging charges ( Xray ,MRI ,CT scan ,Ultra sound etc)
6. Medications and solutions
7. Pre-existing and chronic conditions
8. Work injuries treatment
9. Emergency treatment and admission
10. Ambulance expenses ; Injury transportation to hospital for maximum RO 100 per time
Outpatient treatment - Covered in Hospitals and Clinics only 1. Consultations fees "Maximum limit of out-patient is RO 500 for the policy period
2. Diagnostics/Radiology/Imaging charges(x-ray,MRI,CT scan , ultrasound etc)
3. Medication charges ( generic drugs to be prescribed whenever available )
4. Laboratory fees
Remains transportation to Home country Expenses of remains transportation to home country. Maximum limit of out-patient is RO 1000 for the policy period.
Network Essential Network
Geographical Scope Sultanate of Oman
Covid-19 Covered as per CMA directives and as per MOH Rates